Anthropology Ch1-3 Cont’d

Infrastructure can be best described as a society’s
subsistence system.
The rule-governed relationships that hold a society together, with all their rights, duties, and obligations, are known as its
social structure.
Which of the following is not an element associated with the barrel model of culture?
As represented by the barrel model of culture, culture is an integrated system that responds to a combination of
internal factors.
Cultures respond to motions and actions within and around them because they are
According to Bronislaw Malinowski, the nature of an institution is determined by its
Which of the following statements is correct?
A correctly functioning culture has consistency across all of its parts, though not necessarily harmony.
What does Laura Nader mean when she says that the beauty industry and many plastic surgeons are involved in “standardizing” bodies?
They focus on the cultural body, treating others as in need of changes and adjustments to be culturally normal
What percentage of cosmetic procedures and nonsurgical procedures were done on women in the United States in 2011?
Though pastoral nomadic peoples are often blamed for causing environmental degradation, the fault is often not theirs. Rather, in areas such as sub-Saharan Africa it is caused by
governments that restrict their movements causing overgrazing.
The position that because cultures are unique, each one can be evaluated only according to its own standards and values is called
cultural relativism.
Most cultures are ethnocentric. In fact, the way that most societies name and refer to themselves is typically a word that translates into
true human beings.
Cultural anthropology is composed of which two scholarly components?
Ethnography and ethnology
The new term for salvage ethnography is
urgent anthropology.
Anthropology has sought directly to do each of the following except:
impose a Western and modern approach to life.
When anthropologists go to the places that they study in order to experience the culture firsthand, it is called
Acculturation is best defined as
a process of unequal culture contact when a smaller culture is forced to adopt some of the ways of the dominant society.
Which of the following best defines applied anthropology?
The use of anthropological knowledge and methods to solve practical problems in communities confronting new challenges
“Culture at a distance” is an approach in anthropology that allowed the study of other cultures through all of the following except:
on-location ethnographic fieldwork.
Why is it important to study peasants?
They are the largest social category in the world

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