chapter 1 biological anthropology

Human beings depend on culture for survival.
Physical anthropology includes the study of linguistic variation as it relates to climate.
Physical anthropologists assisted with the identification of victims at New York’s World Trade Center after 9/11.
Morphology refers to physical shape and appearance.
Observations of living primates inform our efforts to understand our evolutionary past.
Darwin’s observation that bipedalism frees the hand to hold objects led him to hypothesize that tool use was an important selective pressure on bipedalism.
Archaeology is:
The study of the behavior and material culture of past human societies
Physical anthropology:
Relies on the scientific method.
The scientific method:
involves empirical data collection and hypothesis testing.
A recent news article reports on findings from a dig in Mesopotamia. The researchers report that skeletal populations indicate a decline in stature and likely overall health at this period in time. This reminds you of another study you have read about, the populations of St. Catherines Island. What could be the reasons for the changes in skeletons?
Health and stature declined with the adoption of agriculture.
A hypothesis
Is an attempt to explain observations and predict future scientific results.
Forensic anthropology differs from biocultural anthropology in which of the following ways?
applies anthropological techniques to modern crime scenes and disasters
How is biocultural anthropology different from cultural anthropology
It examines the interaction between genetics and culture in shaping human biology.
Bipedalism is considered one of the hallmarks of hominid evolution because:
it was the first evolutionary development that clearly distinguished us from other animals.
How is a theory different from a hypothesis?
A theory is an explanation relying on careful examination and testing of evidence.
How is culture defined?
Culture is a learned behavior transmitted from person to person
Franz Boas:
united within American anthropology the study of culture, language, and biology.
Chimpanzees in the wild have been observed to do all of the following EXCEPT:
teach their offspring how to flake stone tools.
Charles Darwin:
was an English naturalist in the 1800s
You spend a year of your life living with and studying crab fishermen. At the end of this time you document everything that you have learned. This is called a(n):
Physical anthropologists might examine:
brain biology.
molecular structure of diseases.
primate growth and development.
****all of the above

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