Cultural Anthropology: A toolkit for a Global Age Chapter 17

all ideas, forms, techniques, and strategies that humans employ to express themselves creatively and to communicate their creativity and inspiration to others
fine art
creative expresssion and communication often associated with cultural elites
popular art
creative expression and communication often associated with the general population
aesthetic experience
perception through one’s senses
universal gaze
an intrinsic way of perceiving art– thought by many in the western art world to be found across cultures– that informs what people consider to be art or not art
the perception of an object’s antiquity, uniqueness, and originality within a local culture
the study of music in cultural context
kinetic orality
a musical genre combining body movement and voice
global mediascape
global cultural flows of media and visual images that enable linkages and communication across boundaries in ways unimaginable a century ago
visual anthropology
a field of anthropology that explores the production, circulation, and consumption of visual images, focusing on the power of visual representation to influence culture and cultural identity
photographic gaze
the presumed neutral viewpoint of the camera that in fact projects the perspective of the person behind the camera onto human nature, the natural world, and history
social media
new forms of communication based on computer-and-internet-based technologies that facilitate social engagement, work, and pleasure
an object, real or virtual, that graphically represents a participant in a game or other activity

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