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5DPP Developing Professional PracticeIntroductionThis report will look at the CIPD Profession Map and how some of the areas uphold HR Professionalism. I will then assess my skills and knowledge and how I need to develop.FindingsThe CIPD Profession Map
The CIPD map was originally launched in 2009. It “sets out standards for HR professionals around the world: the activities, knowledge and behaviours needed for success.” (CIPD, 2015) It was developed using feedback from HR Directors, senior professionals, academics and stakeholders that HR and L&D professional serve. It sets out fully the ways in which HR adds ongoing value to the organisation, describing what successful, efficient HR people will deliver. The CIPD map can be used by organisations and HR professionals to:
Define high standards in HR
Identify areas of success and requirements for improvement
Increase HR skills and capability
Recognise personal achievement through professional qualificationsThe map includes ten professional areas and eight behaviours in four bands.There are two core professional areas and eight other professional areas surrounding the cores. These describe what activities HR professionals need to do and know. The innermost core area is “Insights, strategy and solutions”. This is developing a deep understanding of the organisation and its context in order to establish strategies to meet organisational needs. The outer core is “leading HR” which recognises the need for HR to act as a role model providing active, insight-led leadership to the rest of the organisation. These two cores are relevant to all HR professionals in any role and at any stage of their career. Without these two cores HR will always remain at “technician” level (CIPD).The other eight professional areas identify the activities and knowledge that are needed to provide specialist HR support. These are: Organisation design, Organisation development, Resourcing and…

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