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Andrew Carnegie was not a hero. He may have some characteristics that establish a hero, but all those bad things he did over ruled the good things. He believed in survival of the fittest, and he was also a compulsive liar. He stole someones idea for a steal company. In addition to all of that he gave away billions of dollars while at the same time lowered his workers pay, so he was able to give away that much money. Do you think workers would do things like these? I think not, thats why i don’t think of him a hero.
Andrew Carnegie believed in survival of the fittest, which meant that the week could not survive in this world and he preferred them not to if they were weak. He also believed that education was the key to success, when thats not the case people can be successful without a good education just look at people that are very popular in this world. Steve Jobs the guy that created apple he was a college drop out and before he died he was more than a billionaire. That proves that people don’t need good education to be successful. Andrew Carnegie didn’t even have that great of an education himself. When he moved to America with his family he went straight to work, and he was around the age 12. So, now knowing that how did he ever have time for school? He also worked 12 hours a day for $1.20 a week. Obviously he didn’t have time for school with a full time job.
While Andrew Carnegie was getting into the business industry, he stole someones idea for a steal company. He stole the idea and went back to america to perfect the idea. thats how he made his fortunes. Its also how he became a dishonest person, he manipulated someone to leave their business. As said in document C, Carnegie said “how much money did you make last month, Frank?”. Frank responded “i don’t know, in my business statements aren’t drawn up until the end of the year”. Carnegie questioned frank “do you know what i would do if i were in that kind of…

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