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Basic Concepts and Principles in Psychology
Kathleen Rickey
Kaplan University
PS124 – Unit 3 Assignment
1. Identify the study (video) you selected.
Little Albert
ASCH Conformity Experiments
Harlow’s Monkey Experiments
Bandura’s Bobo Doll
Robber’s Cave ExperimentThe object of this study Robbers cave experiment is to find out the different behaviors when placed in a group setting. To find out what happens when groups are put against each other and then forced to work together. To find out what the triggers are that causes tension, yet cause them to want to work to together. To also look at social observational learning. Good
2. Describe what this study demonstrated about human behavior and mental processes using the results of the study along with information you have learned in Units This study shows a theory of what causes tension between groups. The objective of the study was to put groups against each other competitively and then have the groups work together to solve a problem. In stage one there was group bonding, by introducing the boys to each other in their own groups, without them knowing of the other group. This gave each group time to bond and form a relationship. Stage 2, the 2 groups were introduced to each other and then thrown into a competition against each other. This created in-group bias and caused both groups to fight amongst each other. Stage 3 a situation was created that forced the 2 groups to work together using critical thinking in order to find a solution to the problem. It was found that having to work together that groups actually did in deed like each other and was able to work well together while solving the problem. Good but cite your sources
3. Explain what is meant by nature versus nurture influences and which ones you see demonstrated in the study.Nature versus nurture influences means to know if something occurs because that is what was inherited…

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