Balance Penn Foster Studies with Work and Family Demands

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The hardest part for me in balancing my studies, work and family demands is just how to set up the time so everyting is balanced out. I guess that we all must have to make personal sacifices in order to be successful and have a fulfilling life. With proper planning how ever the balance bewteen work, family, and collage studies is possible to obtain. Everyday i must make choices on how i will manage my time so i can keep the balance of my studies, work, and family demands. Maintaining the balance the order and balance bewteen everything is an everyday process.

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This is where the real task of balance takes place. While attanding the penn foster online courses and sitting time back for my studies, i also have a family to take of , which requires most of my time. I also have a full time job that requries me to work on the grave yard shift. What helps me to balance and organize my studies, work, and family demands is to set specific times up in a daily planner and discuss these set of specific times with my family and friends so they to can help me keep the balance bewteen work, family demands, and my collage studies.

I know that people struggled everyday to balance their studies, work, and family demands. I believe each person must come up with their own way of balanceing things out in their lifes, so they are happy and successful. Keeping the balance bewteen work, family demands, and college can be a very difficult process to do, but with the support from family and friends it can be done. So by enrolling into the penn foster online courses, i have the time for my college studies because i don’t have to be in a class room and everything is self-paced so that does not take vavleable time from my family or work.

By having a degree, i can take care of my family better and may be more sucessful in my life. Keeping the balance between work, college studies, and family demands is hard, but i feel that the decision i have made now and will make in the near future is and will be the right one for me and my family. Just by setting both short term and long term goals and just by me staying focused i believe that i can keep the balance bewteen work, family demands, and college, and be sucessful and have a happy and fulfilling life in the near future.

I have no regarts for making the choice to return back to school. By doing so gave me a chance to see if i could handle the pressure of balanceing things out. So far i have handled this pressure well i believe. I have proved to my self that i can do more with my time and rich my goals. By doing this i feel that i have made my family and friends very proud of me. And to me that has made the challenges of balanceing everything out worth it all the way.

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