Bus Reservation System

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Introduction This program can be used by the users in performing online reservation via internet for their all business purposes. The software program “Online Bus Reservation System” provides bus transportation system, a facility to reserved seats, cancellation of seats and different types of enquiry which need an instant and quick reservation. This system can be used by the users in performing online reservation via internet for their all business purposes.

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This application comes with the ability to approve the reservation by sending email automatically. Users can use this program directly on their websites and no need to install it. The Online Bus Ticket Reservation System is a web-based application that allows visitors check bus ticket availability, buy bus ticket and pay the bus ticket online system is established for all the home office users after gaining access from the administrator. III. Problem

Customers have to go to the counter to buy bus ticket or ask for bus schedule. Customers need to pay cash when they buy bus tickets and sometimes needs to queue up for hours to get bus tickets. Besides that, customers are also not allowed to buy bus tickets through telephone because the bus company’s telephone line is always busy. IV. Conceptual Study This system provides a web-based buying bus ticket functions. Customers can buy bus tickets through the online system and no need to queue up to buy bus tickets in the counter.

There would be a reservation page where customers can buy bus tickets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or cancel a reservation over the Internet and they can check the availability of the bus ticket online. There would be a list of schedules so customers can check the time departure and arrival for every Transnational’s bus through the system. Customer has to pay the bus ticket by Credit Card or pay at the nearest bus agency after reservation.

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