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Part A
Company Q’s current attitude towards social responsibility is based on the financial bottom line without regard to the communities that they serve. Company Q’s decision to dispose of food rather than donate for use in the community shows that the bottom line is more important than the customers they serve. The reason given for this business decision is the possible fraud and theft by employees, which hasn’t actually happened, leaving one with the impression that they do not value their employees any more than they value the community. Company Q responded to requests from their customers on a very limited basis after years of requests, showing that they do not value their customers very highly. Company Q’s decision to close stores in the high crime areas, completely ignoring the needs of the stakeholders in the neighborhood, shows that they are out of touch with current standards and expectations. High crime neighborhoods are often low income neighborhoods” the same neighborhoods that most need a grocery store. The decision to close the stores in these neighborhoods show very poor corporate citizenship by Company Q and could cause further decline in sales in other stores as community citizens will likely make another choice when having to travel for their shopping. Overall Company Q seems to lack a current policy of corporate social responsibility and behaves thoughtlessly in respect to the people that need them most.
Part B
Company Q could easily improve their attitude toward social responsibility.
1. Company Q could reevaluate their decision to donate the day old food products to the local food bank. The company could put a policy in place that would ensure that fraud and theft by employees could not be covered up under the guise of donating. Company Q could place trusted employees in charge of this program, where all donated products were recorded, weighed, and checked by store management prior to products leaving the store, thus eliminating…

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