Chinese Maize Milling Machine Development Strategy

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According to experience and mode of the developed countries MAIZE MILLING MACHINE industry of scale production, intensive management and make full use of the resources of the deep processing and full use of maize, greatly improve the development trend of the economic and social benefits, the wheat processing industry development plan in China for the next 10 years, must be consistent with national agricultural development in the next 20 years of strategic planning and first need to develop a good planning in 10 years to come.In order to adapt to the rapid development of China’s economic trends, meet people’s urgent need for high efficiency in working and the fast rhythm of life, China will now make food only accounted for 37.8% of the proportion increased to over 70% in the next 10 years, in line with the developed country manufacturing food accounted to the entire food the proportion of 85%, providing a huge space for development the maize milling machine industry in China. In international market a variety of convenient food and all kinds of frozen food, microwave and tourism food and so on, are becoming more and more popular. At present, the whole world convenient food species has reached more than 15000, have to the trend to become the mainstream food. Frozen food in small packaging, multi-species made for family convenience. To adapt to the healthy development of food safety and health, to produce high quality, high-grade food, all types of”green food”, “organic food” and meet the general consumption level in the low-end products. Although green food, organic food started late, but the development is faster and have gain more and more consumers. And its development is becoming to standardization, serialization and industrialization. So conversion to flour staple and subsidiary food is an important direction of maize milling machine in China for the next 10 years of development.1 construction and integration of a large number of maize milling…

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