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Clear Communication Can Lead to Success Communication is a very important part of our everyday life. Though communication has changed significantly in the past few years, the basics are still the same. Communicating effectively is the most important skill that can be brought to college and the workplace. Clear communication can help you achieve success in college and in the workplace. Clear communication is the key to doing well in college. It can help you to achieve success in many different ways. Communicating clearly will help you to achieve better grades in college.

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Getting good grades is a big part of achieving success in college. Clear communication can also help you to better understand your assignments and your instructors. You will better be able to communicate any problems you are having with your instructor and get a better understanding of what needs to be done. In most classes, especially online classes, you have to communicate your understanding of assignments through essays, term papers, research reports, lab reports, written exams, and discussion (Hult, 2011, pp 7). It is extremely important to communicate clearly so that your instructor and peers can understand what you are meaning.

The challenge is that writing well in one context may not be the same as writing well or effectively in another (Hult, 2011, pp7). The way that you communicate through text messages to a friend would not be an appropriate way to communicate with your instructor. Generally when communicating through text messages and sometimes emails, you do not focus on proper spelling and grammar. People tend to use more abbreviations when sending a text message to a friend. This would not be appropriate when communicating with your instructor.

Most instructors will be looking for a more formal approach to communication. Now more than ever, you need to understand the context in which you are writing in order to make the right choices (Hult, 2011, pp 8). Communicating clearly in the workplace can help you to achieve success. By communicating clearly people will have a much easier time understanding what you are trying to say. Communicating clearly can help you to achieve success by showing your employers and fellow employees that you know what you are talking about and that you know how to put it into words for other people to understand.

Most employers will recognize people who are able to communicate clearly as possible leaders. This could help to lead to promotions and other opportunities. The rise of electronic communication has dramatically altered the workplace today (Hult, 2011, pp 8). People communicate more electronically in the workplace now than they do face to face or on the phone. You will notice that people even send email instead of walking across the hall to tell a fellow employee something. This makes it extremely important to communicate clearly.

Because so much of our workplace and everyday lives involve communicating electronically, skilled writers have become more valuable and more important than ever. Every new communication tool that becomes available to us increases the need for clarity, concision, and effectiveness. You need to have the ability to select the appropriate tools of communication for every context (Hult, 2011, pp 9). It is very important to remember that communicating clearly can lead to success in college and the workplace. You simply have to be able to determine the appropriate way of communicating in every situation.

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