Complaint and Child Care Worker

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To have a duty of care means that in my setting it is my job to make sure that the children are safe from harm and that they are supported in their development and have everything they need on a daily basis. But it’s different for other job roles, say the manager has a duty of care towards the staff that work for them and the children and the whole building.

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SHC34-1. 2. The duty of care contributes a lot towards safeguarding children as if the child care worker is caring for the children and listening they will also pick up on any problems the child maybe having. If the child care workers fellow the correct ways of handling things like medication or allergies then the child gets a good standard of care. SHC34-2. 1

The dilemmas that may happen is that if the child is doing something that may hurt him ore her like walking on a fallen log the child may fall and hurt themselves, but if they are encouraged not to take on such a task then the child will never learn how far they can g, this will affect their development in the future. SHC34-2. 3 I can obtain more information in to the dilemmas and conflicts from the internet and looking at different situations that other childcare workers have experienced or just asking a senior member of staff like managers nor early years professional that works at my setting.

SHC34-3. 1 When someone is complaining about the setting or staff member then I must take the time to listen to them, make sure they are aware that I’m taking it in by eye contact. I must also be polite as possible and speak calmly as the person maybe very upset and angry, if I can help them with their complaint then I ask them to wait and I will find the manager or a high level staff member that can help the parent.

To put a complaint right then I would offer an apology, explain why I did what I did and assure them that what they didn’t like will not happen again. SHC34-3. 2 The main points are agreed so that parents find it easier to voice their concerns, if complaints are handled in the correct way then they can get resolved faster and it’s all done correctly so that the parents feel like they have their concerns resolved with out fuss and done fairly.

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