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What is the name of the process that makes 2 indentical copies of DNA?
Translate mRNA Codes
Adenines = Uracils
Guanines = Cytosines
What are the 3 types of RNA?
Messenger, Transfer, and Ribosomal
Order of : Translation/DNA Replication/Transcription
DNA Replication, Transcription, and Translation
What are the 3 things that make RNA differenct than DNA?
Different Sugar (Ribose), Single Strand, and Different Base
Complimentary Base Pairs
Thymines = Adenines
Guanines = Cytosines
What are the sides of DNA made of?
Sugar and Phosphate
DNA is what kind of organic compound?
Nucleic Acid
Who made the first model of DNA?
James Watson and Francis Crick
What does DNA stand for?
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Does mRNA carry the Codon or Anticodon?
What nitrogen base does RNA have that DNA doesnt?
What is the goal of translation?
assembling a protein from RNA
What is the goal of transcription?
mRNA is synthesized from the template DNA
What are the three parts of a nucleotide?
Deoxyribose, Phosphate, and Nitrogen Base
In the ladder analogy of the DNA molecule, the “rungs of the ladder are:
Paired Nitrogenous Bases
A segment of chromosome (DNA) that codes for a train can be called a:
A nucleotide consists of what?
Phosphate and a Sugar
The sugar in RNA is ____, the sugar in DNA is ___?
ribose, deoxyribose
What is DNA?
Genetic material which controls protein synthesis
What is RNA?
Nucleic Acid which carries out protein synthesis

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