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Founding Brothers Essay
Joseph J. Ellis’s novel, The Founding Brothers, illustrates the anecdote describing how the founding brothers created the goverment, declared independence from England, and made the United States how it is today. Through the entirety of the book, it show how the four fatherss did not agree on everything that came about and their different opinions. The four fathers were Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. There were also several other people that helped put together the U.S government. Each chapter tells about the struggle and how many different things went into making the government the way it is today. Since there were several founding fathers, there was a lot of disagreements and arguing. Joseph Ellis depicts the start of our nation and how it needed patience and countless hours. In order for this to happen, everyone needed to be on the same page and work together instead of trying to build everything their own way. In this book, Ellis tries to tell the story of exactly what happened in detail and his prediction of the outcom of everything.
I felt the most enjoyable chapter was the first, also known as “The Duel”. Throughout the chapter it shows the conflict between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, the two major politicians. These men fought in battles in which each person exchanges one shot of their pistol at ten paces. Alex and Aaron were always enemies; Therefore deciding to challenge one another to a duel. One of the many stories of this is Hamilton shot at Burr, missing. Burr then counterattacking and shooting back. Burr injured Hamilton with the bullet causing Hamiliton to announce his intention of not shooting him at all. The only fact that is definite is that Burr killed Hamilton during this battle.
“….the cental events of the achievements of the revolutionary era and the early republic were political.” This quote said by Joseph Ellis proclaims that every decision…

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