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Individuals with vengeful commitments lose sight in what is justified and instead focus on what must be done, resulting in living an unfulfilled life. Always feeling pessimistic exhausted and left unaccomplished, they live purposeless lives without any personal ambitions and never plan for future consequences; their lives are basically meaningless. True life to Hamlet became a series of commitments mainly because of the tragic death of his Father. This is really where his downfall began. To Hamlet every commitment he made with his father reflects on his own personal morals on “what makes a man”, this was positively reflected upon the idealistic man that he saw in his Father. There is always this presence of pure love and awe for his father, it’s stated as Hamlet compares his Uncle Claudius (the present king) to his recently departed father. “So excellent a king, that was to this, Hyperion to a satyr”, comparing what the king of Denmark once was to someone such as his uncle; a man unworthy to replace someone with such god like accomplishments. It is always compared to Hamlets constant judgment of himself, He wants to live as a courageous and resilient man rather than someone who lacks motivation and common sense. “‘Tis nobler in the mind to suffer, the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by opposing end them”. The approach of his father’s ghost frightens Hamlet, yet also encourages him to reclaim his rightful place from Claudius who had murdered the King. This sheer determination to fulfill the requests of his father’s ghost shows the love and commitment he holds for his father, even after his death. A promise is made after the ghost leaves, that with “all my love I do commend me to you, and what as poor a man as Hamlet is, May do, to express his love.” Promising that Hamlet loves his father so much, he will do whatever it takes to avenge him. A commitment like this, leads to the mental breakdown of Hamlet,…

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