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My Hero Many people view a hero differently. A hero to some people may be someone who has many achievements, different outlooks on life, or just simply someone famous. I believe that I hero is someone that you simply admire. Whether it is your mom or dad, police officer, firefighter, teacher, or someone famous, heroes are people that you admire. Although to me, I admire someone that is determined and sets a good example for others. A hero to me is someone who is willing to work hard and be persistent.

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Someone that never gives up even when people say they cannot do it. All these characteristics are things I admire in a hero. Michael Jordan is a hero that I admire today. Michael Jordan was a professional basketball player that was often named the best basketball player to ever play the game. He was known for being a determined and persistent player. Even though Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school team his freshman year, he never gave up.

He constantly worked harder and made the team the next year. Michael Jordan ended up going to the NBA. He was always willing to work hard. Michael led his team to six national championships and the Chicago Bulls had their best season ever. He showed everyone that if you try your hardest in everything you do, great things can happen. Michael Jordan is a hero in my life because he constantly shows me that I should never give up and keep moving forward. He is a hero that I admire today.

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