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Project Title: Commercialised Internet: How does it Influence the Internet Marketing Activities in Business? Content 4. 2. Project research—primary research12 5. 2. Mobile phone—a new channel to advance Internet marketing21 5. 4 Conclusion26 1. Abstract With the emergence of network technologies and the increasing market penetration of commercialised Internet, there is a rising number of using this medium as a way of marketing the commercial interest. Despite abundant companies are investing in Internet marketing activities, the nature and effects of commercialised Internet on Internet marketing have not been fully understood.

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The research attempts to help in bridging this gap. It will investigate the level of the commercialised Internet changes existing Internet marketing, analyse mobile phone, which is a new medium, can improve the Internet marketing, and recommend efficient strategies for better Internet marketing. Basing on the literature review and secondary research, it can be found that abundant companies are transforming from traditional marketing towards Internet marketing. The causes for Internet marketing are gradually advanced by commercialised Internet may include accessibility, continues source and accountability.

Furthermore, the results identify information value as the strong drivers of the acceptance of the mobile phone as an innovative channel for Internet marketing. In the primary research, the customer satisfaction questionnaire on Amazon and eBay which are the efficient strategies designers, it is recommended marketers should pay more attention on the consumer value relationship of quality, service, cost and time, and marketing communication ensures that the product or services and the market or potential customers have the opportunity to come together.

Keywords: commercialised Internet; Internet marketing; mobile marketing; Internet commerce. 2. Introduction With the popularisation and development of network technology, Internet has been an indispensable medium of electronic business activities. Commercial interest in the Internet promotes the innovation of the networks technology (Greenstein, 1998)

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