Is Holden a Hero? from Catcher in the Rye

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Phoebe on page 181, “Somebody’d written ‘F*** you’ on the wall. It drove me damn near crazy. I thought how Phoebe and all the other little kids would see it, and how they’d wonder the hell it meant, and then finally some dirty kid would tell them-all cockeyed, naturally-what it meant and how they’d all think about it and maybe even worry. Here it shows how caring and protective he is over her, which shows that he is respectful of her. A hero is capable of regret or remorse, like Holden. This is shown on page 86, “It made me feel sort of sad when I hung it up. I thought of her going in a store and buying it, and nobody in the store knowing she was a prostitute and all. ” Here Holden feels depressed because of the prostitute’s job and nobody knowing she was a prostitute. He feels regret in ordering her and this shows that he is in fact emotional and capable to feeling remorse.

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Finally, Holden has had many traumatic events happen to him, which has made him stronger and a bit scarred. His younger brother, who he admired a lot, die and still brings him up quite a lot in the story. On Page 33, “He’s dead now. He got leukemia and died when we were up in Maine, on July 18th, 1946. ” He also witnessed a boy at his school commit suicide by jumping out of the window because he was being bullied. On page 153, “there was old James Castle laying right on the stone steps and all.

He was dead, and his teeth, and blood, were all over the place, and nobody would even go near him. ” Heroes always have traumatic events happen to them or witnessing their loved ones die but it makes them stronger. Holden is a hero because of his tough times, his caring for women, and his feelings of regret and remorse. He has many other qualities as well but these show his heroicness. Through society’s ways and his surroundings, Holden has been portrayed a hero.

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