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LAW 531 Week 6 Knowledge Check 1. What is true of the Foreign Commerce Clause in the context of the United States and foreign affairs?
• It does not encompass state and local laws.
• It gives the federal government exclusive power over foreign affairs.
• It prohibits multilateral treaties.
• It authorizes Congress to regulate commerce with foreign nations. 2. The country of Elamia has added a new feature to its constitution. This feature gives power to the central government to enter into treaties with foreign countries. It does not give this power to state governments. In addition, this feature states that any local law that goes against a centrally-formed treaty will be canceled. Which part of the U.S. Constitution does Elamia’s new constitutional feature closely resemble?
• Treaty Clause
• Foreign Commerce Clause
• Bilateral Treaty Clause
• North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Click here to download Complete Answers of LAW 531 Week 6 Knowledge Check3. In the context of the United States and foreign affairs, treaties _____.
• can only be formed between two nations
• can only be formed only if sponsored by international organizations
• are considered equal to lawmaking at the international level
• can be formed even by local governments 4. The International Court of Justice _____.
• hears cases related to individuals and businesses
• hears cases involving nations
• is composed of five judges
• is located in Geneva 5. What is true in the context of the European Union (EU)?
• The European Union Commission is independent of its member nations.
• The Council of Ministers is composed of representatives from only five member countries.
• All major decisions of the Council of Ministers require unanimity and no changes in the treaty are made based only on a majority vote.
• All EU member countries have voted to use the euro.
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