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Which of the following is a duplicate of a file, program, or disk that can be used if the original is lost, damaged, or destroyed?
Which of the following kinds of certificate is a notice that guarantees a user or website is legitimate?
Which of the following terms refers to someone who accesses a computer or network illegally with the intent of malicious action?
T/F Many companies use access controls to minimize the chance that a perpetrator may intentionally access or an employee may accidentally access confidential information on a computer, mobile device, or network.
Which of the following statements is not true about Internet and network attacks?
Information kept on an organization’s premises has a higher security risk than information transmitted over networks
T/F A digital forensics examiner must have knowledge of the law, technical experience with many types of hardware and software products, superior communication skills, and the like
Which of the following does your company use to track your time and attendance?
hand geometry system
The term, PIN, is an acronym for which of the following?
personal identification number
T/F One way to reduce electrical waste is for organizations to use outside air to cool data centers and computer facilities
______ apps can allow you to lock your mobile device and SIM card remotely
mobile security
T/F The ECPA protects consumers from disclosure of their personal financial information and requires institutions to alert customers of information disclosure policies
T/F HIPAA protects individuals against the wrongful disclosure of their health information
T/F To remove spyware, users need to obtain a special program that can detect and delete it
What occurs when someone steals personal or confidential information?
information theft
T/F The PATRIOT Act gives law enforcement the right to monitor people’s activities, including web and email habits
A perpetrator is using a botnet. Which of the following is the least likely use of his botnet?
authoring ActiveX scripts
Internet advertising firms often use which of the following to collect information about users web browsing habits?
T/F Digital signatures often are used to ensure that an imposter is not participating in an Internet transaction
What is the term for a website that uses encryption techniques to protect its data?
secure site
With a three-generation backup policy, the grandparent is which of the following?
oldest copy of the file
T/F You should read reviews for programs and apps before you download and/or install them to make sure the program or app will meet your needs
What does CMOS, which provides high speeds and consumes little power, stand for?
complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
T/F Together, the four basic operations on a processor (fetching, decoding, executing, and storing) comprise a pipeline cycle
T/F A heat sink is a small ceramic or metal component with fins on its surface that absorbs and disperses heat produced by electrical components such as a processor
Current processors include advances transfer cache, a type of cache built on a processor chip. Which type of cache is this?
L2 cache
What are the roles of the control unit and the ALU?
the control unit directs the operations of the ALU
Which of the following describes a computing environment where everyday objects are connected to the Internet?
Which of the following is measures by the number of ticks per second?
clock speed
T/F A microsecond is one-trillionth of a second
What component converts the AC power in a wall pug to the DC power required by a computer?
power supply
Which of the following circuits contains many microscopic pathways capable of carrying electrical current?
What determining the amount of RAM necessary for a computer you wish to purchase, what should you consider?
the types of software you plan to use
What on the motherboard holds the memory modules?
memory slots
T/F Dynamic RAM (DRAM) chips are faster and more reliable than any version of SDRAM chips
Some computer and chip manufacturers use which of the following terms to refer to a personal computer processor chip?
Which of the following identifies three types of RAM in sequence from the slowest to the fastest?
Which of the following is the most common type of volatile memory?
With the cover off the system unit of a lab computer, your instructor pointed out a type of nonvolatile memory that can be erased electronically and rewritten. What did your instructor call this memory?
flash memory
Which of the following cards converts computer output into a video signal that travels through a cable to the monitor, which displays an image on the screen?
T/F Multi-core processor speed performance increases are especially noticeable when users are running multiple programs simultaneously
Which of the following is NOT true about storage media and devices?
Writing is the process of transferring items from storage media to memory
T/F Optical discs should be stored in a flat (horizontal) position
T/F You should defragment SSDs frequently because the location of the stored data has a significant impact on its access times
Which RAID level technique splits data, instructions, and information across multiple disks in the array?
What is being measured using KBps, MBps, and GBps?
transfer rate
Which of the following is NOT a cloud storage provider?
T/F You can read, write, and erase a DVD-R
T/F RFID is more secure than contactless smart cards
Which of the following is a high-capacity optical disc on which users can read but not write or erase?
T/F All computers can support multiple internal hard drives
Which of the following is not a competing re-writable DVD format?
When storage devices write date, instructions, and information on storage media, they are creating output. What best describes the process of writing data?
transferring items from memory to a storage medium
Which of the following overcomes the major disadvantage of CD-R disks, which is being able to write on them only once?
T/F All DVD-ROMs are single-sided
Which of the following disc types can be written onto, but not erased?
Which of the following is NOT a cloud storage provider that places a folder on your computer with contents you can synchronize across multiple devices?
You are looking for a backup that copies only the files that have changes since the last full backup. Which of the following will you use?
incremental backup
Which of the following is not true about tape storage?
A benefit of tape is that it allows for non-sequential access
Which of the following is a type of backup you only perform at your large enterprise?
T/F You can erase a DVD+R

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