Mobile Voting System

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I therefore declare that this project has been published previously neither in whole nor in part of any degree except this publication. I also mentioned work found by other researcher by reference. Signature of Supervisor Signature of Author 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Firstly, I’m grateful to almighty Allah for providing the strength and energy to start such a project and finally finish it successfully. I’m really very grateful and take the honor to express my special thanks to my supervisor DR. Yousuf M. Islam, PhD for all sorts of supportive suggestions and opinions.

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Without his support, co-operation and resources it would be a day dream to complete my research in this due time. My special thanks go to my Co-Supervisor Matin Saad Abdullah and Ms. Bushra Taufiq Chowdhury for their useful and important suggestions. Without their supportive consultancies my research will never have fulfilled the requirements. I would also like to thank the senior brothers of University and friends who helped me in every possible way. I want to specially thank my teachers and friends who always supported and helped me during my thesis work as a family member by always giving me moral support. 3

Finally I feel deepest admiration to my department for giving me the honor to perform the Thesis a partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering. ABSTRACT E-voting is a new technology in voting system. Recently it was experimented in UK. Basically, this system is proposed to work via Short Message System (SMS). Using secure messaging system we are trying to develop the e-voting system here in our country. Our goal is to develop a system, which will be able to send SMS from a registered cell phone to a server located in the base polling station and cast a vote for a voter.

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