My Day as Newspaper Boy

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Unlike television, newspapers need middlemen and middlewomen to take the completed news product and get it to the homes of the customers it is intended for. So far, no one has invented a high-tech alternative to human newspaper deliverers. I have to confess this i met kannu a day before in the evening to get details of his daily routine , so i don’t have to wake up in the morning, but he suggested that I come out some night and do it myself. I might learn something. So i did, in this project my colleagues were doing lot of important work Or at least they had been, a few hours ago; now most of them were presumably asleep.

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Moving ahead we were delivering paper at steady pace i was in awe of kannu’s throwing abilities, when i saw him throw paper in a balcony at 4th floor of the building, i asked him how does he do that , ‘practice brother , practice “at first It wasn’t that easy; the first few times the paper would open in the air and would fall apart,but over the time i got better, “By learning what didn’t work, you learn eventually what not to do more than the secret of doing it right. words to swear by i must say ), i asked him how long had he been doing this and found out he has been doing it for 4 years, then he told me this isn’t his only job , he works during the day at a ‘papad making factory ‘ and then in the evening volunteers at a tailor shop in hopes of learning the art , I see a glimmer of hope in his eyes a hope for better future , a determination to achieve what ever he is capable of, success or no success he gets my respect for trying , yes trying is important , if try there are chances you will achieve success.

If not atleast you will not have that aweful feeling of being worthless, anyways we moved on to our next stop. We continued for another hour till we delivered all our papers, then we headed back to kannu’s boss who actually is the sole newspaper agent in the area , I talked to him for a while told him the purpose of my little adventure this morning , he explained me some newspaper delivery management techniques with lot of technical jargons , who new that so many things have to happen for us to get our daily newspaper. thanks to likes of kannu bhai who make our morning teas better.

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