My Two Favorite Sports

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Playing basketball is one of my favorite activities that I enjoy the most. When I was introduced to sports in high school, I played soccer, football and basketball. Playing soccer was not the kind of physical game that I liked to play because I was not really too good at kicking the ball with my foot; I didn’t like it too much. Playing Football, I got hit and got injured too much so I just didn’t think that I was fast enough to run those many yards, but basketball was one of the sports that I really liked to play and enjoyed the most.

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For three reasons. Physical, skill, and health. Physically. There was a lot of running, moving, and moving around. On the game there were five players from each Tim, and another five on the bench. So you always have to control the ball or your opponents could still the ball from you after all the objective of the game was to put the basketball through the basket. At the end, the most important skill of the game was defense, no Tim can won a game with no defense. The physics in the game of basketball could helped a good player became A better player.

Skill. The most important part of the game of basketball was shooting the basketball. In the basketball game I was always had to be on guard, by blocking, shooting and have a good jumping skills To rebounding the ball. .you have to score the ball the most to win. The offense in basketball game includes was the dunks, free throws, and jump shots and that what I like to do the most when I Was played basketball. Health. It help me to loose weight and give me an athletic speed and strengths.

I used to be overweight, but now I have a normal weight. Threw the exercises that I did during playing basketball, I was able to develop a physical fitness and a better shape, and help me with a good communication and social development that I had today. In conclusion, playing basketball was the most important challenges that I face in my life today, I didn’t go any farther with it but I really have enjoyed playing basketball because it really tests an athlete’s ability of endurance, athleticism, and speed. That I have .

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