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The Problem and Its Background Introduction Technology is defined as the application of mechanical and applied sciences to industrial use and cellphone is one of the inventions made through the use of technology. Cellphone is a device used to communicate to other people and as it evolves; its features are getting better too. Cellphone is the latest communication technology because it is the most commonly used gadget for communicating. The importance of cellphone in everyday life is widely known to us; it seems that it is already part of our life.

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The knowledge we have regarding cellphones is not just enough, we have to explore further, discover more untold stories about this gadget. It is very important for us to be aware of how cellphone can affect our lives and also our health. We keep on using cellphones but we don’t know the fact that it can either be an advantage or a disadvantage to us. We always knew that cellphone makes our life easy and comfortable but still, we have to find out the controversies that linger in the world of cellphones. The reason why we choose this topic is because cellphone is really in demand, especially in our country.

It is important to have a full knowledge regarding the device we used every minute and every day. The purpose of our topic is to discover the things that surround cellphones. To inform the students about cellphone as the latest communication technology is also one of our purposes. Conceptual Framework InputProcessOutput 1. Which of the following brands of cellphone is convenient and friendly-user? 2. Which of the following benefits the students? 3. Which of the services of cellphone gives the best communication/ message? 4. Which of the following features of cellphone is the best? 5.

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