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Paper on Individual Skills and Strengths Introduction On this paper I will be trying to explain and talk about certain skills that I believe I posses and how those skill work and help me to achieve my goals in life and in my professional life. There are many types of skills and is not until we sit down and think about what skills are and how is it that we use them, that make us reaklize who we really are. There are social skills, basic personal skills and professional skills, there is so much we can say about what the difference is and how we applied these skills in our everyday life.

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So I will try to pick a handful of skills that I believe I have or had adquire thru the years. Computer/Technical Literacy Almost all jobs now require some basic understanding of computer hardware and software, especially word processing, spreadsheets, and email. In the last year I have probably have been working in computers than I have ever done before. I believe is important to learn how to use computers for your advantage.

Now and days everything and anything people do has to do with computers, from writing a paper from school, paying bills online and checking your bank account, talking to friends and family by e-mail or chatting on the internet to the way hospitals keep your records. All records are now save on digital devices such as computer hard drives, personal memory cards or memory usb drives to super computers networks such has yahoo and/or msn browsers. I believe is important for everyone to have access to a computer and internet, because it has beco9me almost imposible to access any information unless you have access to it.

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