Problem of Designer Baby

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Problem encounter in the cases Whenever human beings try to interfere with the law of nature, it is likely to have some benefits, but not without some greater flaws. Yet, to ensure the survival of the human race, we have tried everything, from animal testing, to human cloning, to designer babies. As is the case with every such endeavor, there are various pros and cons of designer babies too. Designer babies were created for a very simple reason: to eliminate any genes in an embryo that would cause serious health concerns, and to replace those defective genes with healthy ones.

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Embryos are screened to check for the presence of any genetic disorders in them by means of a technology known as Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). This is possible only when parents wish to give birth to a baby by means of In Vitro Fertilization or IVF, or a test tube baby where it is possible to locate such disorders. As such, once these genes are detected, they are eliminated from the embryo to ensure the birth of a healthy baby. Over time, this technology will be used not only to determine the gender, but also the height, appearance, eye color, hair color, IQ and every other aspect that can be decided before the birth of the baby.

This is what is meant by interfering with the law of nature and this is problem of designer baby. Furthermore, most cases require the mother to have several ovarian stimulation cycles to obtain a sufficient number of eggs. This may entail medical risk for her, especially as ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome can develop, a serious condition which in some cases, although rare, may even lead to death. When everything is predetermined there is no room for uniqueness. While some believe this procedure to be a boon, others consider it to be a bane on humanity in the long run.

Responses Because human beings are far more than the product of genes, DNA is one of many factors in human development; the feats of genetic manipulation eventually accomplished will turn out to be much more modest than what the designer-baby advocates predict. The simple reason of designer babies create is to eliminate any genes in an embryo that would cause serious health concerns, and to replace those defective genes with healthy ones. We agree with this purpose. However, this technology also had been used to choosing haracteristics that a child would have such as hair colour, eye colour, height and every other aspect that can be decided before the birth of the baby. We are not agreeing with the decision because this has been interfering with the law of nature. The advent of designer babies also will affect biodiversity. Besides that, traits decided by parents, also eliminates the say of the child in his or her life. If parents passionate about sports, they would have the athletic ability engineered into the child, however, the child may not want the same. This reduces the child’s freedom to choose.

Moreover, if genetic engineering is accepted, this will have a negative impact on the society. It will result in increase of unreasonable fear or hatred towards foreigners or anyone who appears different. People with genetic defects will be socially rejected. They will be called ‘gene poor’ and will be separated from the society too. Today, people who have genetic defects are already treated differently and cast out from society in several parts across the world. Designer babies concept, will lead to discrimination on the basis of certain qualities or traits.

Kids of rich families will receive genetic enhancement, leading to genetic aristocracy. This gives them an unfair advantage over the other children. People unable to afford genetic engineering will be looked down upon, thereby, creating a greater rift in society. In addition, most parts of the world are still male dominated, and sex or gender determination of the baby, can lead to gender discrimination across the globe. Genetic engineering is not something to play with. It is complex and any mistake can alter the lives of many generations.

We never know when a particular mutation can lead to a new virus or disease. There are myriads of things we do not understand about ourselves, as well as the world around us. It is time to realize, that we cannot control everything in this world, although our flesh desires to. For the family who are suffering from infertility, we are agreeing them for choosing In Vitro Fertilization or IVF to have a chance having children. The technology of designer baby should be limit to use so it will not interfering with the law of nature and society.

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