Process Design Executive Summary

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Process Design Executive Summary
Executive Summary
The field of automotive electronics accessories and service is a rapidly expanding and changing industry. As automotive technology becomes more and more advanced, so does the aftermarket industry in its attempts to keep up and continue to offer customers options that they will need or want and therefore purchase for their vehicles. For a product development and manufacturing process, an important factor is development. It would be beneficial to a company to employ determined product development teams with accommodating facilities to expand on current products as well as create new technologies that will stay ahead of the curve and maintain product marketability.
In this stage of process design, it is advised that two locations are operational on either side of the country. This will make distribution and exporting of products more efficient, as well as providing bi-coastal operations to allow for efficient importation of products and materials from overseas. As technology advances as industry growth occurs, the availability for expansion will also play a key role in process design.
For sales and service provided for the products end user, a customer centered design will be the most beneficial. The best approach to reach this goal is to employ a knowledgeable and professional sales staff, coupled with professional and capable automotive technicians. This will provide a positive customer experience and result in referred business and customer retention. Another important factor is location. As a service center, being centrally located and convenient to access is crucial to maintaining expected levels of business and revenue.

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