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Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a teacher in terms of the teaching/training cycle. The main role of a tutor is to identify initial assessment needs and the abilities of the learners. As a teacher should plan, design and preparing the environment, suitable delivery resources and handouts. Communicating in such a way that all learners have the confidence to discuss openly, the subject they are working and assessing or evaluating the session will identify if the aims and learning outcomes have been understood.

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Evaluate, obtaining a feedback from the learner and evaluating to modify or make changes in the future. My role is to safeguarding and making the learner feel safe and secure in learning environment and to create an open and trusting relationship with the learners. In addition the role of a teacher in the lifelong learning sector is to plan their sessions by lesson plans, preparing teaching materials, assessing their learners, evaluate themselves and their delivery, completing records attendance, maintaining learner’s record of progress or interviews, tutorials and assessment.

As a teacher it is good to be flexible and adaptable and to encourage the learner’s own learning. Teach and assess learners through the programme in four areas; Numeracy, Literacy, Personal and Social Development and Employability Skills Boundaries are found in two categories the visible an example the wall and the invisible which personal space or imaginary bubble at around each of us. Boundaries define ownership and responsibilities. It is important that boundaries are treated with care and respect.

When we have clear boundaries on both visible and invisible we are more aware of our own rights, have a strong of self, and how we deserve to be treated by others. By first respect ourselves; we are then able to instil respect in others and set limits around how we want to be treated. With clear boundaries students will have a clear picture of their own desires, so that they can choose to ask for assistance if there are unable to meet the needs of their on their own. There are boundaries with the programme and learners.

There is an understanding of appropriate conduct, the teacher/learner relationship, discipline boundaries, as I have a certain amount of authority but there are also situations where learners are allowed to make choices. When learners are given options, they realise that they also do have a say in what happens in their lives and that there opinion matters. In conclusion, learning to have personal boundaries we recognise how important they are in daily life and taking opportunities to teach learners how to have their own good boundaries are all ways to better help keep ourselves as teachers and our students safe.

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