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Changing Perspective paperNancy RodriguezAXIA College the University of Phoenix
The way two different people view Traumatic Situation Two different people view situations either in the same way or depending on
the situation they may both have different views on how they see these
situations. Traumatic situations happen in many ways and how people view them
depends on how they see what is going on. Some people get hurt or others go
through ruff times when something traumatic happens to a friend, family, or just
any person in general. There are so many traumatic situations that can occur in a
persons’ life and not any effect on that person but then on another person it
could have a huge effect on how they view that situation.
A traumatic situation that two people may view differently may be how they
see a divorce. In the eyes of each person the divorce may mean two different
things or may not even matter to either one. A divorce is a situation where two
people can’t get along no more or they feel their relationship is better off with a
divorce. Divorce is a huge situation where all types of people react differently and
have a different view on how the divorce should be handled. One person may
look at divorce as a good thing and the other person may see it as a bad thing.
Divorce plays huge roles in many peoples’ lives and how they see the
relationship going or finishing. A child may see divorce as a bad thing or they
are to blame for what is going on between both parents. An adult may see a
divorce as no other way but to solve the problems in their relationship. Divorce
may be seen as a way to get out of a bad relationship or it may be a way to let go
of something that has no way to be fixed. Divorce is a common thing happening
now a days and its becoming something normal for everybody now. Just look at
the movie stars or musicians they have high rates of…

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