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How does Golding create a portrait of the setting
Golding uses many techniques to create a portrait of the setting in Lord of the Flies, and it is because of these techniques that the same setting is portrayed in many different ways. One technique is the use of descriptive language. At the beginning of the novel, Golding describes the specific features of the island such as the rocks, twigs and birds as well as the “Shimmering water” and “Open Sea”. This individual description paint the picture of a peaceful island, which is undisturbed and at the same time isolated. Through this description, a positive portrait is created of the island. However the descriptive language is also used to create negative images of the island such as “The devastated fruit trees” and “Roughly a triangle; but irregular and sketchy, like everything they made”. The description of the island changes significantly from the beginning of the novel to the end, which shows the impact the boys have had. This creates a portrait of the setting, as it shows how the island changed and the many ways it can be perceived. Another technique used to create a portrait of the island is the use of symbolism. An example of this is through the use of colours. In chapter one the colour pink is used eighteen times to describe objects such as granite, and the boy’s skin. This repetition is used to symbolise the purity of the island, and the innocence of the boys. However by the end of the novel, the colour pink vanishes. “Colours drained from water and trees and pink surfaces of rock”. This symbolises how the island which was once beautiful and pure has transformed into a dark and daunting setting. Instead of pink, the repetition of the colour red is used to symbolise blood and violence. Symbolism very effectively contributes to the portrait of the island.Golding also creates a portrait of the setting through repetition for example “No houses, no smoke, no footprints, no boats, no people”. The…

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