The Effects Technology has on Relationships Today

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Autumn McCollough
September 24, 2015
English 112-4172
The Effects of Technology has on Relationships Today
Today’s generation has lost the ability to interact with others face to face, instead of over social media, texting or via email. When people find a conversation dull or boring they begin to fiddle on their phone, scrolling through their Facebook news feed, drowning out the other person completely. Technology has taken over everybody’s lives in some way. Texting has become the only way people prefer to communicate. They feel it takes longer to pick up the phone, dial it and speak to someone. The main issues technology has caused are lack of interpersonal communication, loss of the ability to build stronger relationships with friends and family, and not using technology in moderation.
The lack of interpersonal communication and the inability to have a conversation causes harmful effects to their relationships with friends and family. People that spend most of their time with their noses stuck in their phones have a harder time engaging in conversations between friends and family. They have the lost the ability to connect with others and sometimes feel uncomfortable in a natural setting. There are people who believe that technology does not cause issues with relationships but they would be wrong. Technology can indeed cause strife within the family circuit. People have become clueless about how to make their bonds between family and friends stronger but by doing so, they have to admit that it is the technology and the use of it that is problem.
As time goes by, their friendships begin to crumble and family members become distant. They find themselves alone and confused on what might have caused this to happen. They don’t realize that it is them who have created the problem. Patrick Martin, a freshman at Blue Ridge Community College, says he feels out of touch with people around him when he spends a lot of time using technology. (Schwartz) Being out of…

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