The Story of the Haunted House

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There’s a house in the middle of town known for its eerie presence and dark past. They said that there was once a family who lived there. A small family of three, they were happy and contented with their simple wooden abode. But one fateful night, under the full moon, they became the fancy of a bunch of thieves and robbed their place apart. The family fought back to these thugs but they were gunned down and died on the spot. It was a bloody massacre for the husband and wife, yet their only daughter’s body was never found.

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Months have passed after the incident, and people started speaking of audacious claims, saying that they see glimpses of the couple’s daughter peering out from the window attic. Her cold luminating eyes frighten anyone who dares gaze at her image from the attic. The housekeeper, Mr. Belanair said that there is no one else other than him living on that house anymore. After the incident of the family, the house was holly entrusted to him due to his personal kinship ties to them.

Such mysterious occurences and a taste of curiousity, three men, though boys rather than men, ventured inside the haunted house when the housekeeper went out of town for a week. Filled with excitement and youthfull vigor, they entered the residence in search for answers. Though they may have entered alive, the very next day their bodies was found lying on the floor, bloodied and terrified, their face had the horror etched on their faces when they met their end.

Maybe because of rumors, regardless of its certainty, makes me think that the girl is a ruthless murderer and it scares the crap out of me. I lay down on my bed and closed the lights. Unlike Dante, we already did the quiz and we have a free tomorrow. But I’m only kidding myself to think that I could sleep after what just happened. Though I hate to admit it infront of Audrey, I’m actually quite anxious around dark places and ghost stories. And after a first hand experience, well let’s just pray that I could sleep tonight at all.

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