Unfair dismissal

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Unfair dismissal
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please? Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the meeting for discussing unfair dismissal. Nowadays, the society is developing by leaps and bounds, which also brings some employment relation problems. Some employees are dismissed without any just causes. And although a chain of laws have been enacted already, they do not work as much as it looks like. I wish all you employers and official listen to my opinions.
First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael Copper. Some of you may be familiar with my name. Do not misunderstand. I am neither a great man nor showing off, it’s because I am the main character of the hot news in which I posted a Facebook status about my unfair dismissal. Let me tell you what had happened. I had worked for a large retail for over three years. For the four months from January to May 2014, I worked under a different commission structure, but the employer did not pay me the correct commissions, even though I exchanged emails with the operations manager. One night at home, I posted the Facebook. Then, I got four months’ pay, and lost my job. And although I had informed the manager that my pay was wrong, he did not correct his mistake. Also, when the employer got to know this situation, the first thing he did was not correct the mistake either, but to fire me. I felt angry, but also helpless. Salary is not that important, all I want is respect. I mean, respect is basic, but also necessary, or is it So I am seeking for a job now, during which I found a number of laws do not work a lot as it looks like, such as Anti-discrimination Legislation. It does stop workplace discrimination from occuring. Even so, not all employees are protected from “unfair dismissal”. According to the Fair Work Act, only most serious forms of harassment based on such things as race, gender, cultural background, and…

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