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In middle school I stumbled upon the show CSI, and fell in love with it! I think I have seen every episode of both CSI: Las Vegas and CSI: Miami. Now I know that the show is not exactly how real life works but it is the basic idea. Every part of the science in the show is fascinating to me. In high school biology, chemistry, and math were always the easiest and most interesting subjects to me. My sophomore year I maintained 102% average in my biology class, my teacher, Mrs. Backer, was very impressed and suggested I take AP biology and her forensics class.

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So my junior year I took the forensics class and I was hooked! I was constantly trying to work ahead or get more out of my teacher. I wanted to know everything and do everything in that class. I had never been so into a class before, I wouldn’t miss a day in that class for anything. That class was what set my career choice in stone; from then on I’ve planned on doing everything it took to become a forensic scientist. My senior year we had to research a career of our choice and write a paper with a minimum of ten pages, I wrote 22 pages.

I researched every last thing I could possibly find on forensic science. After I turned in my paper I began to research schools and programs I could apply to. It took a lot of researching but I finally figured out the path I plan on taking to become a forensic scientist. My plan as of today is to graduate from LBCC with an AA in biology, then go to the University of Oregon to get my BA through their forensic science preparatory program, finally I will transfer to UC Davis to get my Master’s in forensic science.

As far as where I will work I do not know yet, I plan on taking whatever I can get. I hope that I will find some connections through all of the schooling that I will do. Forensic scientists must be exceptional in math, science, problem solving, investigating, and many other things. I feel like I would be an excellent forensic scientist. Everything that a forensic scientist has to be, I know I can be. I truly believe forensic science is my calling. Now, I have decided that the next time someone asks me “what do you want to do after high school? ” I am going to tell them my exact reasons!

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