Cartographical Terms

0º Latitude is known as what?
EQUATOR.  It is half way between the north and south poles, and can be read as 0ºN or 0ºS.
0º Longitude is known as what?
The Prime Meridian.  A bunch of English guys drew a line with paint down their stairs and called it the Prime (best) Meridian (line of longitude.)
The Northern Sun Line?
Tropic of Cancer.  At 22-1/2ºN, it is the farthest extent that the earth will tilt, and is the first day of summer in the north.
Total lightness in northern summer?
Arctic Circle.  At 66ºN, the light of the sun reaches over the top of the earth at all times when the Tropic of Cancer is facing the sun.
Southern sun line?
Tropic of Capricorn.  This is the first day of winter in the north.
What is half a globe… half of the earth?
A hemisphere.  Hemi means half, sphere means circle.
Total darkness on the north’s first day of summer?
Antarctic Circle.; Penguins don’t need sunglasses during this time.
What line of longtitude is the International Date Line near?
180º.  This line runs through the middle of the Pacific Ocean, more or less.  The International Date Line (IDL) means that you have to add or subtract 24 hours, depending on the direction you go.
The North Pole!  Also, all lines of longtitude meet here.
The South Pole!  All lines of longtitude meet here.

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