geographic cartography
understanding of the spatial perspective of the physical environment; skills to abstract and symbolize this environment.
professional cartography
making maps for commercial purposes.
representation of the earth’s surface
virtual map
map displayed on a computer
mental map
map created in your head
general purpose
map used just for locational purposes, i.e. a road map
Thematic Map
map designed to demonstrate a particular features or conepts.
qualitative map
show the spatial distribution or locatino of single theme of nominal data.
quantitative map
display the spatial aspects of numericl data
choropleth map
common map type for mapping data collected in enumeration units. Each unit is shaded according to a variable or attribute.
Enumeration units
administrative areas to which attribute data is associated; i.e countries, states, counties, and townships.
Dot Maps
map in which dots represent the distributino of phenomena
proportional symbol map
point data are represented by a symbol whose size varies with the data values
Isarithmic maps
a planimetric graphic representatino of three dimensional volume
Value-by Area Cartogram
name aplied to the form of map in which the areas of the internal enumeration units are scaled to the data they represent
Flow Maps
map on which the amount of movement along a linear path is stressed, usually by lines of varying hiknesses and/or color.
Components of a thematic map
base map, a thematic overlay, and a set of ancillary map elemnts
cartographic process
the transformation of unmapped data into map form involving symbolization and the map-reading activities whereby map users gain information.
map use
comprises map reading, map analysis, and map interpretation.
cartographic thinking
private realm, visualization of data looking for patterns and relationships and using unencumbered and unstructured symbolization.
cartographic communication
public realm, making of a final or optimal map or maps with structured symbolization.

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