Cartography BEAR CLAW

great circle of the earth’s GCS formed by passing the plain through the axis of rotation
a line on the earth that intersects every meridian at the same angle
angle of horizontal deviation
map scale
the amount of reduction of the real world
data about data
projection surfaces
surfaces in which a map is projected
projection families
azimuthal, cylindrical, conic
projection properties
properties of a projection that make it equal area, conformal, equal distant, or azimuthal
points/lines of tangency
projection aspect
the position of the projected graticul relative to the ordinary position of a geographic grid on Earth
central meridian
the meridian that defines the center of the projection
essentual questions in selecting map projections

1. Are the properties of a particular projection suited to the design problem at hand? Projection Properties

2. Are deformational aspects of the projection acceptable for the mapped area? Deformational Patterns

3. Can the projection be centered easily for the design problem? Projection Center

4. Will the projection and the appearance of its meridians and parallels be familiar to most readers? Familiarity

5. Is the particular projection supported in your software? Software Support

6. Does the map belong to a series that already has a projetion? Part of an existing map series or online digital map collection

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