Central America Quiz

What are the seven countries of Central america? which two do not have a coastline on both the atlantic and the pacific?
Costa Rica, Panama, El salvador, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua. Belize, El Salvador
What physical fature runs down the middle of central america?
A chain of volcanic mountains
What natural features have helped enrich the soil?
volcanic material
How does the climate differ in the carribean lowlands than the pacific lowlands?
the carribean see’s more rain
What crops are grown by the wealthy corporations on plantations in central america?
Coffee, Banana, Cotton, Sugarcane
What do typical subsistence farmers grow?
Corn, Beans, Rice
What type of problems does the natural feature in the middle of Central America cause?
Isolation, Transportation, communication
What valuable resources do the rainforests hold?
Expensive wood, Medical plants
What negative effects do the cutting of rainforests cause?
the soil and vitamins get washed away
What country has set aside and preserved one fourth of its rainforests? why?
Costa Rica. To attract EcoTourists
Which country in central america has the highest literacy rate?
Costa Rica
Why might somebody visit Costa Rica?
Birdwatching, forests
What is an important source of income for Panama?
The Panama Canal
What Native American culture was dominant in Central America
Who was forced to do the work on spanish plantations after the conquest?
Native Americans
In what year did most of the countries get independence?
Which country remained a British colony when the others got independence?
Why did Central American countries have so much conflict after the independence?
A small number of people owned all of the wealth
Which countries had severe civil wars in the 1980’s?
Nicuragua, Guatemala, El Salvador
Which country has the highest percentage of Africans?
Which country remained peacful and, in fact, has no army?
Costa Rica
What is the official language of Central America?
Which country does not speak spanish, and what language does it speak?
Belize, English
Which country has the highest percentage of native amerians?
When is “Carnival” held?
Before Lent
What sport is popular in all of the Central American countries?
Futbol (Soccer)
Which sport is played in Nicuragua and Panama?
What countries play baseball?
Nicuragua and Panama
What is the Ethnic make up of Guatemala?

50% Native American

50% Mestizo

What is the Ethnic makeup of Belize?
Majority African decent
What is the Ethnic makeup of Honduras?
Majority Mestizo
What is the Ethnic makeup of Nicuragua?

Majority Mestizo

15% African descent along the Caribbean coast

What is the Ethnic makeup of Costa Rica?
Majority pure Spanish
What is the Ethnic makeup of El Salvador?

Majority Mestizo


What country is majority pure spanish?
Costa Rica

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