Ch 1 Questions


map a section of the ocean floor[image]




A geographer would most likely use sonar to do what?

people, goods, and ideas.
The movement about which geographers talk usually refers to

Latitude, longitude, equator, prime meridian[image]


Name 3 things used by geographers to determine absolute location.

water freezes in a crack in a rock.


The most common type of mechanical weathering occurs when






An internal force that helps create new landforms is



Landforms are commonly classified according to differences in

moving water
The largest canyons and deepest valleys were created by
The force that probably propels the movement of the earth’s gigantic rock plates is
a glacier once covered the area
When geographers observe moraines—ridgelike piles of rock and debris—they conclude that
human-environment interaction
The building of dams and canals to irrigate desert regions is an example of the geographic theme of
detailed information about a location
A geographer would most likely use GPS for
Prime Meridian
Longitude is measured in degrees east or west of the
The conquest of Mexico by the Spanish best illustrates the geographic theme of
formal regions
Similar climates, vegetation, or landforms can be used to divide the earth into
human-environment interaction
Converting land used for farming into land used for a housing development is an example of which of the following?
large moving slabs of rock slide slowly over a layer of the mantle
The theory of plate tectonics affirms that
frozen water causes frost wedging
The most common type of mechanical weathering takes place when
running water
The greatest agent of erosion is

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