Ch.1 vocab (Sep 06)

study of the earth and the ways people live and work on it
absolute location
exact location of a place on the earth’s surface
relative location
position of a place in relation to other places
Maine has many fishermen.
Example of the theme:
absolute location
10 degrees North
30 degrees West
absolute location
22 West Main Street
Littleville, USA 55511
relative location
The field is near Larry’s house next to the water tower.
Example of the theme:
We learned the five themes in class.
Example of the theme:
Human-Environmental Interaction
Irrigation for the fields was provided by the dam we built.
Example of the theme:
Parts of Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma are in Tornado Alley.
Example of the theme:
0 degrees latitude
Tropical Zone
located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
Temperate Zone
located between Tropic of Cancer and Arctic Circle
Temperate Zone
located between Tropic of Capricorn and Antarctic Circle
Polar Zone
north of Arctic Circle
south of Antarctic Circle
Arctic Circle
66.5 degrees North
Antarctic Circle
66.5 degrees South
North Pole
90 degrees North
South Pole
90 degrees South
Tropic of Cancer
23.5 degrees North
Tropic of Capricorn
23.5 degrees South
Tropical Zone
hot all year
Temperate Zone
cold winters, warm summers
Polar Zone
cold all year
natural resources
materials found in nature
nonliving substances found beneath the earth’s surface
tin, copper, iron, silver
renewable resources
soil, animals, sunlight;
can be replaced as they are used
nonrenewable resources
fossil fuels, minerals;
cannot be replaced as they are used
4 most important natural resources
answers “What is it like there?”
grouping places together based on shared features
answers “Where is it?”
Human-environmental interaction
changing, using, or adapting to the environment

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