Chap 1 Geo 7

lines of latitude
East west lines on a globe that are always the same distance apart. Also called parallels.
lines of longitude
North south lines on a globe that run from pole to pole. Also called meridians.
Prime Meridian
The meridian that is 0 degrees longitude. It runs through Grenwich, England.
Imaginary line that encircles the globe halfway between the North and South poles. It is 0 degrees latitude.
International Dateline
Line of 180 degrees longitude; divides the earth into E and W hemispheres
Tropic of Cancer
Northern point of the tropics at 23 1/2 degrees N
Tropic of Capricorn
Southern point of the tropics at 23 1/2 degrees S
One half of a sphere (circular shape)
Imaginary lines on the earth’s surface formed by criss-crossing patterns of latitude and longitude
North Pole
Northernmost point on earth
South Pole
southernmost point on the globe

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