chap 2

population density
total population relitive to land size
physiologic population density
number of people per unit area of agriculturally productive land
population distrabution
descriptions of locations on earths surface where individuals or groups live
dot maps
maps where one dot represents a certin number of data
huge urban agglomerations
trying to count everyone in a country
doubling time
how long it takes for a population to double
population explosion
having a big population in a short period of time
natural increase of population
# of births-# of deaths
crude birth rate (cbr)
live births per year per 1000
crude death rate (cdr)
# of deaths per year per 1000 people
demographic transition
1. low growth stage-high death and high birth
2. high growth stage-low death and high birth
3. moderate growth stage- low death and sinking birth
4. stationary stage- low birth and low death
population pyramids
represents age and sex of a country
infant mortality rate (imr)
babys death during the first year following its birth
child mortality rate (cmr)
deaths of kids between 1-5
life expencty
number of years someone expects to stay alive
is killing sub-sahara africa
expansive population policys
encourges large familys
expansive population policys
encourges large familys
eugenic population policies
desigend to favor one race
restrictive population policies
don’t want you to have a lot of kids

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