Chapter 10-12 Test!

What is a major obstacle to Mexico’s continued economic growth?

Poor Infrastructure


Reducing what shuld increase Mexico’s politicial stability?
What 2 things make up the Gulf Lowlands?
Savannas and Tropical forests.
What are 3 Important factors in the economy of Mexico?
Cattle Ranching, Mining, and Tourism.
Where is the poorest Region of Mexico?
Southern Mexico.
What percent of the Mexican Population now lives in towns and cities?
about 75 %.
What was one result of the Mexican Revolution?
Land Reform.
What is the disease that Spanish Soldiers introduced to the population of Mexico?
What was in Mexico that made Spain want to colonize the region?
Gold and Silver.
What did Indians farm on before the arrival of the Europeans?
Name 5 indian Civilizations:

Aztec, Zapotec, Olmec, Maya, and Toltec.

Sinkholes occur in the Yucatan Peninsula, what causes this?

What has shaped the landforms of Central America?

Tectonic Processes.
What did the Cayman Islands begin as?
Are there active volcanoes in the Carribean?
Where o most of the region’s Central American Indians now live?
What Country is the least developed in Central America?
What country has the highest standard of living in Central America?
Costa Rica.
Why are many people in Central America Poor?
Much of the land is owned by a few rich families.
Who controlled the Panama Canal until 1999?
The United States.

What were the first Europeans exploring the Greater Antilles looking for?

What 2 countries have the largest African Populations in the Carribean?
Jamaica and Haite.
What was formed topromote trade and industry in the Carribean?

Angel falls, the worlds highest waterfall is located where?

Chile;is the world’s largest producer and exporter of what mineral? 
Where are vast deposits of oil located?
around Lake Maracaibo.
What 2 countries are landlocked?

Paraguay and Bolivia.


where is Argentina’s most densely populated region?
On the eastern edge of the Pampas.
Who conquered the Incan Empire in the 1530s?
Francisco Pizarro.
Uraguay is a buffer state between what 2 countries?
Argentina and Paraguay.
What was Dutch Guiana renamed after it’s independance in 1975?
Where do the largest percent of South American Indians live?
Bolivia was left landlocked after war with what country?
What country has a severe problem with Terrorism?
What 2 products does Argentina specialize in exporting?
Beef and Wheat.

About 25% of the population of Rio de Janeiro live where?


__________ is Mexico’s second largest city.

which region of Mexico contains deposits of oil and natural gas?
Gulf Lowlands.
Many People in ______ still speak Maya.
Which region of Mexico is the main agricultural center?
Central Mexico.

What does NAFTA stand for?

North American Free Trade Agreement.
When did the Mexican Revolution take place?
When did Mexico win it’s independence from Spain?

What is the most abundant mineral found in Mexico?

What 3 islands are part of the Greater Antilles?
Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

Why do the low islands of the Caribbean have limited water resources?

They produce no Oragraphic effect and any rainfall quickly sinks into the limestone.
Which country introduced the idea of ecotourism?
Costa Rica.
what are 3 important commercial crops in Central America and the Carribean?
Cacao, Sugar, and Coffee.
The U.S. took what 2 islands from the Spanish in 1898?
Puerto Rico and Cuba.

Where did VooDoo originate?

What country is the most industrialized in The Carribean?
Puerto Rico.
Where in South America would you find a Mediterranean Climate?
Chile’s central valley.

What is La Nina?

Ocean and Weather patterns that occur when Pacific waters are cooler than normal.
What country is famous for it’s emeralds?
What civilization once covered the area of what is now Ecuador to Chile?
What was the capital city of the Incan empire?
Where did the Spanish conquerors of the Incas establish their capital city?
What country has the largest Portuguese-speaking population?
Taking over the government through force is called a ________.
What country has the highest percentage of people of European ancestry?


What is a major cause of poverty and unrest in South America?

Inequality and land ownership.

What factor severly limits the growth of many industries in South America?

All parts and raw materials must be imported.
What country is not a full member of Mercosur?
What is not a challenge for South American Countries?
Lack of natural resources.
What issue is not a serious enviromental concern to South America?
Air Pollution.
A narrow strip of land that conects two larger land areas.
A large estate worked by peasants:
Factories in Mexico that produce goods for U.S. markets:
People of mixed European and Indian heritage:
The highest mountain in Mexico:
Crops grown for sale in a market:

Cash Crops.

A large estate famred by workers who live on the property:
The cultural, Political, and economic center of Mexico:
Mexico City.
An important seaport and communications center:
a steep-sided depression that forms when a cave roof collapses:
People of African and European ancestry:
Island containing Haiti and the Dominican Republic:

What does Indigenous mean?

Tree whose roots grow in salt water:
Tree from which Cocoa beans are harvested:
blend of European and African or Carribean Indian Languages:
Blended version of African Religious beliefs and christianity:
Ore from which aluminum is made:
Form of Voodoo that originated in Cuba:
Carribean Community and Common Market:
Large estates on the Pampas:
A chain of high plateaus:
Small farms that are often unprofitable:
The line of elevation above which trees do not grow:
Tree Line.
A tropical fruit with starchy roots:
Rock or Sand layers that contain oil:
Tar Sands.
Large urban slums:
A large plains area between Colombia and Venezuela:
Southern Common Market:
A small country between two larger more powerful countries:
Buffer state.
What landform makes up most of Central Mexico?
Mexican Plateau.
What 3 factors influence Mexico’s climates?
Subtropical high pressure, Elevation, and North East trade winds.
What is Mexico’s most important and Natural resource?


What were the main crops that farmers grew in ancient Mexico?

Beans, corn, peppers, and squash.
What factors helped the Spanish conquer the Aztecs?
Disease, Muskets, horses, and alliances.
What kind of Government resulted from the Mexican Revolution?
Democracy, but the Prez. still acts as a dictator.
How has the balance between Urban and Rural settlement changed in Mexico?
Used to be rurual, but now its Urban. (3/4 live in cities)
What are some of Mexico city’s leading industries?
Construction, chemicals, plastics, cement, textiles, and tourism.
In what ways is southern Mexico the country’s most traditional region?

Village life has changed a little, Substistence agriculture, Native languages, and handcrafts make up alot of their income.

What links with the U.S. are found along Mexico’s border region?

Maquiladoras, farm products, cultural links, and closer border-city ties.
What are some important challenges facing Mexico?
Economic Inequality, Crime, Poor Infrastructure.
What physical process is responsible for the creation of many islands in the Lesser Antilles?
Tectonic Processes.
how do mountains affect climates in the region?
Oragraphic effect and highlands are cooler.
Why does the clearing of forests make hurricanes moe destructive?
Which European Country had the greatest influence on Central Amercia’s development?

What ethnic group has shaped the social character of Central America and makes up a majority of it’s population today?

Which country has the highest standard of living in the region? What are some reasons for this?
Costa Rica–Education, democracy, Political Stability, and Foreign Investment.
How is Costa Rica’s Natural Beauty a valuable resource? What policies have helped the country protect it?
Tourism–Public/private nature preserves.
What Geographic factors have contributed to emigration from the Carribean?

Small Land and Rising Population.

What forms the basis of the economy in most of the Carribean?
What qualaties make the Amazon River so Unique?
Largest River by volume and drains the largest area of the world.
How do mountains and elevation affect the climates of South America?
Creates 5 climate regions in the Andes and rain shadow in Southern areas.
How does the Peru Current affect weather Patterns in Chile?
Chills Warm air above pacific creating fog in the deserts.

What are the main mineral and energy resources of South America?

Gold, Silver, Copper, iron ore, bauxite, emeralds, oil, tar sands, hydro-electricity.
Why is the disappearance of the rain forest a global concern?
Oxygen, Ecosystem, and large varities of plant and animal life.

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