Chapter 3-3

CK-What is anything from the natural environment that people use to meet their needs?
natural resource
AL-What is a resource that can be replaced naturally or fairly quickly?
renewable resource
JF- What is the term for the large scale production of food crops and livestock that usually uses machinery?
commercial agriculture
TK-What is a resource that cannot be replaced because it was formed over millions of years?
nonrenewable resource
SW-What is it called when a farmer grows only enough to feed himself?
subsistence farming
AF- What energy is generated by falling water?
hydroelectric power
HD-What is rain that carries large amounts of sulfuric acid from pollutants that combine to form precipitation?
acid rain
CJ-What is the term for putting poisonous and impure substances into the land, water, and air?       
V.B- What is a substance that kills insects and also damages land and pollutes rivers and groundwater?
QO -What type of industry produces goods?
AH-What are businesses that supply services instead of goods?
service industries
JG-What is energy produced by the heat of the sun?
solar energy
What term is used for the fuel sources of coal, oil, and natural gas?
fossil fuels

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