Chapter 5

Most important manufacturing region in the U.S. is?
Northeastern U.S. and southern Ontario (excludes New England)
the western margin on the Manufacturing core blends into?
the Agricultural core
it was the general mechanization of what that demanded diversified manufacturing support
which farming implements became available during the late 1800s
Mechanical reaper, winnowing machines, cultivating implements
what had to be improved in order to support the volume of agricultural products grown on farms located in the manufacturing core?
Transportation lines
what part of the manufacturing core possesses great accessibility resources?
the interior
the great lakes connect
the canadian shield and the interior plains
the great lakes are interconnected with how many significant changes in elevation
the Largest elevation change between two of the Great Lakes is between?
Erie and Ontario
what canal was built to bypass Niagara Falls?
welland canal
the Erie canal was built in what year in order to bypass Lake Ontario
in the late 19th and early 20th centruies, cheap transportation was of critical to those moving iron ore to the coal fields in
Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania
the development and industrial capacity that developed along the margins of the great lakes is attributed to what?
Natural Accessibility resource (Coal)
in the interior core, what river crosses hundreds of miles across the interior plains before joining what other river?
Ohio, Mississippi
the manufacturing core rose to prominence when?
between 1830 and 1860 the population density in the interior did what, and agriculture production did what?
Increased, Intensified
the growth of the region was reflected in the gradual shift of transportation concentration as railroads began to spread across where?
interior plains
Borchert identified the Sail-waggon Epoch as when all cities are associated with what?
water transportation
the major urban centers during the Sail-waggon Epoch were?
Towns that had their beginnings along the Atlantic coastline
Bochert’s Second Epoch was triggered by the development of
Borchert’s Third Epoch was triggered by the development of steel which replaced?
Iron Rails
In Borchert’s Third Epoch there was Increased population growth in small cities near where?
corn fields, great lakes, a major rail connection between larger cities
the north american manufacturing hearth is?
New England
what city became famous for its apparel and leather industries
what major manufacturing core city changed to manufacturing electronic components and machinery?
which MC city developed and extremely diversified indistrial mix?
New York
The new York metropolitan areas have become dominated by what industries?
office industries
which two cities are so different in industrial inheritance and urban character but show indications of becoming more alike?
Philly and Boston
what MC city is known for its food processing industries and for its importance as a cultural center
New York
in 2007 what state had the largest non-farm labor force in manufacturing?
metal fabrication and chemicals are two industrial sectors that could be found in?
Philly and Baltimore
What states are entirely in the Manufacturing core?
New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Ohio
What states are partially in the manufacturing core?
Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin

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