Chapter 5

Every nation celebrates key events in its _______.
Geography is the study of _____, not ____.
Space; time
The foundations of Western civilization, were based on the philosophers’ ideas of which empires?
Greeks and Romans
Which culture region has the smallest area?
Western Europe
Which world culture region has the largest population?
Which culture region has the largest area?
Which country has the highest crude death rate?
Which country has the highest physiological density per square mile?
The two branches of geography are _____ and ________.
Human; physical
What five countries are permanent members of the UN Security Council?
1) United States
2) United Kingdom
3) France
4) China
5) Russia
What country has the largest army?
What are the eight culture regions in the world?
1) Northern American
2) Latin America
3) Western Europe
4) Central Eurasia
5) Asia
6) Middle East
7) Africa
8) Oceania
What language is the leading second language of the world?
What is the concept that every nation has a right to establish its own government?
What is the period of history marked by tribal invasions, conquests and feudalism?
What is a growing similarity among cultures?
Cultural Convergence
What is the world sport?
What it is called when a large area has few buildings.
_____ statistics are official records of births, marriages, divorces, and death.
Advances in what have done much to increase life expectancy?
Technology and Medicine
The number of people born per one thousand people is call what?
Crude birth rate
What war ended in 1991?
Cold War
What is the growth of urban areas at the expense of rural areas?
What is land that can be used to plant crops?
What is an official government count of the entire population within the nation’s boundaries
What country has the highest rate of natural increase?
What is the most widely spoken language family in the world?
What is polygamy?
The act of having more than one wife
What is society?
The relationships among human beings
What is culture
People’s way of life

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