Chapter 5 Test

How many babies were born and how many people died in 2002?
137 million born and 56 million died
How much does the worlds population grow by per decade?
1 billion people per decade
What does the rate of worldwide growth have to fall to make a real difference?
below 1%
What is it called when the rate of natural increase is negative?
Negative population growth
What is equal to births-deaths?
Natural increase
What continent has countries with negative population growth?
What is the only thing that can sustain a countries population level when natural increase is negative?
Who’s population will begin an initially slow then experience an accelerating decline?
The total population of stabilizing and declining countries are dwarfed by what?
Huge population increases in places such as India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Nigeria
What are worldwide population growth rates doing in the big picture?
How much does the worldwide population continue to grow per year?
80 million
Economically well off is equal to what?
What are not well off economies equal to?
Rates remain high, these places have massive populations that dwarf decreases in declining areas
What does the low standing of women equal?
High growth rates
Muslim countries in N. Africa and southwest Asia have what type of rates?
What does muslim religion stress?
Traditional marriage roles of women
What two countries have growth rates of 3% and higher?
Saudi Arabia and Jordan
What is South Asia’s population?
1.4 billion
What is the only country in S.Asia that has a rate of increase lower than world average? and what is its population?
Sri Lanka; 20 million
What are the two fastest growing countries in S.Asia? what is their combined population?
Pakistan and Bangladesh; over 300 million
Where are china’s growth rates?
At or below 1%
What country is approaching negative growth in E.Asia?
What country in E.Asia is below global mean?
What is the growth rate of S. America as a whole?
Where do the slowest growing countries lie?
Economically wealth areas of the world
What are factors that reduce population growth?
Economic well being, urbanization, education, low marriage, family planning
What are the factors that increase population growth?
Religion-Roman Catholic, Muslim and Hindu, low income, low urbanization, low education
What does linear growth occur in?
Uniform amounts
What is the amount of time a population takes to double?
Doubling Time
At 2% growth it takes how many years does it take for population to double?
35 years
What wrote an essay on population and when?
Thomas Malthus; 1798
What did he argue?
Population growth is exponential, food production is linear
Why was Malthus was wrong?
Colonization, migration, more acreage seeds fertilizer, and Britain was a closed system
What is the makeup of population in terms of age, sex, and other properties?
Population Structure
What do Age Sex Pyramids show?
% of age group in a 5 year population and % of age group that are male and female
In developing countries what do Age Sex Pyramids look like?
Christmas trees
What do Age Sex Pyramids look like in developed countries?
Slightly lopsided vases
In a developed world what is the component of population explosion that will occur?
What is the crude birth rate?
Live births/per 1000 people
Where are 4 places where CBR is high?
North and Sub-Saharan Africa, SW Asia, S Asia
Where are the 5 places where CBR is low? and what is the lowest?
Europe (lowest), Australia, North America, China, Japan
What is the Crude Death Rate?
# of deaths/per 1000 people
What is the measure of the number of children born to women of childbearing age?
Total Fertility Rate
At what total fertility rate is the population stable without immigration?
What has been happening to the total fertility rate?
They are falling globally, and this may lengthen the world’s doubling time
Where are the CDR highest?
Where are death rates the highest?
What is the number of newborn children who die before their 1st birthday?
Infant Mortality Rate
What tends to reflect high IMR?
Crude Death Rate
How many people died during the bubonic plague?
1/4 of Europeans population
What are the four steps to demographic change?
1. High Stationary- high fertility, high deaths, little long term growth
2. Early Expanding Stage- high fertility, declining mortality
3. Late Expanding Stage- declining fertility, but low mortality, continued growth
4. Low Stationary Stage- low fertility, low mortality and low growth

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