Chapter 5: World Gazeteer – 7 Continents

North America
World’s 3rd largest continent in area, stretching from near the North Pole to the Equator.
Central America
Land connecting North and South America.
West Indies
Group of islands in the Caribbean Sea.
Broad expanse of flat or slightly hilly land often covered with grass, or grass and trees.
Area of jungle covered with plants & trees. Tropical rainforests are found in areas with warm climates and heavy rainfall. They have a thick canopy, created by trees, and a great diversity of plant & animal life.
Large area of fertile soil for growing crops and grazing cattle. Found in Argentina & Uruguay.
2nd largest continent in area. Africa is almost 3 times the size of the United States.
Area of land in dry climates, that consists only of sand, gravel and rock. Deserts often have hot daytime temperatures, a limited variety of plant and animal life, and little rainfall.
Flat grassland area in a tropical or subtropical region where tall, wild grasses grow with some scattered trees.
Nile River
World’s longest river. Located in North Africa.
2nd smallest continent in land area. Europe and Asia both share the same landmass.
World’s largest continent. Home to two-thirds of the world’s population.
Middle East
A the crossroads of 3 continents; Africa, Asia, and Europe. Also known as Southwest Asia. Predominant religion is Islam and the most common language is Arabic.
Suez Canal
Man-made waterway in Egypt connecting the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, shortening the distance for travel by water from Europe to Arabia and India.
Treeless grasslands in Central Asia and Russia.
Area in northernmost Russia where the ground is frozen much of the year.
Large piece of land smaller than a continent. For example, South Asia is a subcontinent.
Piece of land surrounded by water on 3 sides.
Seasonal winds that blow across Asia and bring heavy rains in Spring and Summer.
World’s southernmost continent, covering the South Pole.

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