Chapter 8

Cradle of Civilization
Africa. first human life was found here.
good natural resources
holds much of the worlds natural gas and oil. has jewels, coal ect.
poor soil, diseases, internal conflict, economics, human rights
Problem with the physical geography
large hills and valleys, plateaus. unnavigable rivers
rift valley’s
plateau surface folded, cracked
the major rivers are interuppted by
rapids and waterfalls
most of the reason lies in ________ climate
hot and rainy
south africa
temperate, mediteranian
soils with high clay and iron content. used for brick
ravanna grasslands?
find them on a map
The Sahel
southern margin of the Sahara Desert
basic social/political unit
who influenced this region after 600 AD
west african trade
trades slaves, gold, ivory
creole language
composed of elements of many languages, understood by all
European trade limited to
coastal trading
Europeans traded guns and alcohol
Berlin Congress 1884
divided land among european countries, colonized
South Africa became independant
1910, 1961.
other countries became independent
were the countries prepared for independence?
because they were not prepared for independence, there was conflict and . . .
a corrupted government

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