Chapter 9: Cultural Regions

An area that has a common characteristics that distinguish it from neighboring areas.
Cultural Region
A region that is defined by the common characteristics of the people living there. The Middle East is an example of this term.
Formal Region
A region defined by a common human or physical characteristic, such as forming a distinct country, having certain plants, or forming a particular climatic region.
Functional Region
An area defined by a common function, it is often organized around a focal point, such as a city and its metropolitan area, or a river and its drainage basin.
Perceptual Region
A region based on people’s attitudes and emotions about a place, such as the “Deep South,” or “The Big Apple.”
Latin America
A cultural region consisting of the Americas south of the United States: Mexico, the West Indies (Caribbean), Central America, and South America.
Panama Canal
A human-made waterway that joins the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and serves as a major route for international trade.
The absolute ruler of Russia from the sixteenth century to 1917
Soviet Union
The nation that emerged during World War I when the Tsar’s government collapsed. This was the world’s first communist country.
North Africa
The region of Africa fromt he Mediterranean coast south to the Sahara Desert. The region consists mainly of Arabic speaking peoples who practice Islam. Some geographers group this region together with the Middle East (Southwest Asia).
Commonwealth of Independent States
An association of nations that formed in 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved into Russia and several smaller states.
Suez Canal
The human-made waterway that connects the Mediterranean with the Indian Ocean.
Sub-Saharan Africa
The area of Africa south of the Sahara Desert
Himalayan Mountains
A mountain range that separates the Indian subcontinent from the rest of Asia, consisting of the highest mountains in the world.
Located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, it is the only country to occupy an entire continent.

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